Cirque du Soleil Zumanity

Category C 21+ years old
Category D 21+ years old


Zumanity is a seductive twist on reality, making the provocative playful and the forbidden electrifying! Leave inhibitions at the door, let loose and marvel in a sexy thrill ride full of sensational acrobatics and naughty fun. Part burlesque and part cabaret, Zumanity is one full night you’ll never forget! The journey starts when a woman in bed fantasizes about an unattainable man. Suddenly, he’s there above her. She rises to meet him and together they experience the passion she longed for.

In another act, you’ll see chains that are tough, yet supple. Powerful, yet chained. All this thanks to a muscled, mohawked man taking flight in daring feats of athleticism, choreography, and strength. Another performances are hand-balancing acrobatics, a pink champagne-filled tub is a playground where three uninhibited explorers indulge in luscious sexual experimentation and as if it wasn’t enough, turning up the heat, gorgeous and powerful dancers ignite the stage performing a sultry and dynamic dance that will entice the imagination.

Operational Days

Fridays – Tuesdays